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We have the goal that all of us fully enjoy to eat surrounding the table together whether vegan preference, vegetarian or not.

We may have a favor to ask our customers, especially if you are sitting with vegan and non-vegan customers at the same time.

A la carte order at dinner time in our restaurant, we would prepare dishes for all of people present at the table.

When your group is two person, we will provide same dishes for two of you based on your order.  

The only chef having obsession and passion into cooking prepare for dishes carefully one by one.

There would be a possibility we make you wait long, if you will order different dishes such as vegan one or not, for example your accompanier prefers vegan meal then you are not.

We’d like you to make sense in that case, we couldn’t prepare your ordered dishes at the same time on your table.

 Thank you for your understanding above the note.

It’d be grateful to take your reservation for “A la carte ” order even you could comprehend our favor though.

We do recommend you for “Dinner Course” reservation especially to whom may have vegan preference customer and non-vegan at your group.

We have two options in “Dinner Course” order.

One is “Vegan Dinner Course”, and the other is “Italian Dinner Course” including animal products.

You could choice your preference as making reservation on the phone or website, so that your ordered dishes would be served at the same time for all of your group members.

We would like to ask you to book “Dinner Course” order preliminarily by phone or website, if you are two or more in your group.


Please check the calendar for open hours.

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